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Hello, internet traveler! I’m Devon Maloney, a culture journalist, feminist, ally, and GIF apologist hailing from sunny El Segundo, California (no, I didn’t leave my wallet there, but you’re definitely the first person to ask!). I’m a contributor to such venerable publications as WIRED, Grantland, Pitchfork, T Magazine, the Village Voice, Billboard, and Popular Science, and have written for MTV, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, and VICE/Noisey. I’m also an editor-for-hire currently in the services of Vulture/NY Mag; previous clients include Rookie and Rolling Stone(For rates and availability, shoot me an email.Interested in learning the ropes of full-time freelance writing? I am a pretty killer consultant for that, too. (Here’s my email address again for those rates and availability.)

Currently, my beats include music, science fiction (with an emphasis on dystopia), tech, and the social sciences. I’ve held staff editorial positions at SPIN and Billboard, where I covered music news and the independent and DIY music industries, respectively.

My ludicrous student loan debt is the result of a magna cum laude degree in journalism and sociology from Boston University; somehow, I still believe that pursuing a career life that challenges me to be as creative, entertaining, multi-tasking and ultimately useful as possible is, well, possible. In my free time, I dogsit and add to my ever-expanding succulent plant collection. I also recently learned that, in addition to my last name rhyming with “bologna,” my first name ALSO seems to be a type of low-grade Australian sandwich meat, so, cheers to that, Universe. I occasionally read the comments section, have a tendency to type in all caps, and until recently, lived in Brooklyn. Now I’m back in Los Angeles, but you’re insane if you think you can get me to drink whatever the hell “green juice” is.

If you want to keep up with my writing, I have a newsletter called MalonE-Mail that people seem to like. In addition to recent stories, it also runneth over with GIFs and recommendations. You can subscribe HERE.

Portrait art by the inimitable Tiana Tucker.

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