Devon MaloneY

is a journalist, critic, and general wordmonger exploring how pop culture shapes and is shaped by our everyday lives. Most recently, she served as The Verge’s first internet culture editor. Her work has also appeared in WIRED, Vanity Fair, Cosmo, New York, Marie Claire, Playboy, Pitchfork, Out, Grantland, the Guardian, the Village Voice, and VICE, among others. An alumnus of Billboard, the Los Angeles Times, SPIN Magazine, and Boston University, she’s the occasional author of MalonEmail, a minimally invasive newsletter filled with recent work, recommendations, and copious GIFs. (Subscribe to MalonEmail at the bottom of this page.)

Devon is a native of Los Angeles, where she cohabitates with a photogenic dog, a financially unwise number of books, and a handful of miserably under-watered succulents. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thinks she's funny. (Photo: James Bareham for The Verge)

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