Hello! I’m Devon Maloney, a freelance culture journalist and general wordmonger. As the package says, I live in Los Angeles, about 15 miles north of where I was born and raised (I've also lived in Boston and Brooklyn).

Over the years, my work has been published in such hallowed pages as WIRED, Marie ClaireVanity Fair, CosmopolitanPitchfork, New York MagazineOut magazine, Grantland,  T  Magazine, the Los Angeles TimesBillboardthe GuardianVillage Voice, MTV, and VICE

In a nutshell: I write about pop culture and how it influences and is influenced by society. My areas of expertise include science fiction — especially dystopia and Star Trek (i.e., the ultimate utopian fiction) — TV/film, internet culture, pop music, and the social sciences.


Outside of work, I have a dog who should be in movies, and I buy succulents and books when I’m stressed. Occasionally I’ll dip into the comments section, and have a tendency to tweet in all caps. An Australian friend once tried to convince me that, in addition to my last name rhyming with “bologna,” my first name ALSO is a type of low-grade Australian sandwich meat. He was right.

Interested in learning the ropes of full-time freelance writing? I’ve done it for five years and am a pretty killer consultant on that front. Contact me for rates and availability.

If you want to keep up with my writing, I also have a newsletter called MalonEmail. In addition to recent work, it also runneth over with GIFs and recommendations. You can subscribe via the box at the bottom of this page.

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