This is a select index of the stories I have written for publication. Most are on online, but sometimes (particularly in the cases of the Village Voice, NYLON, NME, and Billboard) they’re in print, too.

Reported Culture Features:

FKA Twigs: A Woman of Mystery Who Likes It That Way, Billboard (Aug 2014)
The Turbulent Success & Endurance of Jenny Lewis, Wondering Sound (Jul 2014)
Monty Python Reunion: Eric Idle is Glad There Are Only 10 Shows, GQ (Jul 2014)
The Bulletproof Altar of St. Vincent
Village Voice (cover story, Feb 2014)
Indestructible Room: The Story of 285 Kent, Pitchfork (Jan 2014)
Listen Up: Newcomer King Avriel Makes Neo-Soul That Doesn’t Shy From Big Ideas, T Magazine (April 2014)
After 10 Years, The Dismemberment Plan Returns
, WIRED (Oct 2013)
What is Afropunk?Village Voice (cover story, Aug 2013)
Boldly Going Where No Man (or Woman) Had Gone Before, Rookie (Jul 2013)
We Went There: East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza, Grantland (Jul 2013)
Majical Cloudz Did It All For the Nookie, MySpace (May 2013)
Star Trek's History of Progressive Values–And Why It Faltered on LGBT Crew Members, WIRED (May 2013)
What Happened to Emo?, MTV Hive (24 Apr 2013)
Mac Miller: The Billboard Cover StoryBillboard (Nov 2011)

Writings on Dystopia:

Utopia’s Producers Know Utopia Is Impossible—That’s the Point, WIRED (Sep 2014)
No, Dystopian Sci-Fi Isn’t Bad For Society. We Need It More Than Ever, WIRED (Aug 2014)
The Giver Turns the Gentle Book Into a Gripping Dystopian Tale, WIRED (Aug 2014)
The 10 Most Important Dystopian Books and Films of All Time
, WIRED (May 2014)
5 Works You Need to Stop Calling Dystopian, WIRED (May 2014)
Q&A: EMA on Oculus Rift, Sci-Fi Punk, and Social Media Dystopias
, Grantland (April 2014)
Dystopian Thrillers: The Rare Hollywood Genre Where Women Rule, WIRED (Mar 2014)
Forget Dystopian Fiction. Sochi is Pure Dystopian Reality, WIRED (Feb 2014)
Marketing Tactics for Catching Fire Would Make Panem’s Capitol Proud, WIRED (Nov 2013)
Ender’s Games: Child Soldiers In Dystopian Fiction, WIRED (Oct 2013)
Why Dystopian Tales Like Elysium Often Fail, WIRED (Aug 2013)

Sociocultural & Scientific Explorations:

How to Prove That Light Can Be Turned Into Matter, Popular Science (May 2014)
Facial Expressions Aren’t As Universal As Scientists Thought
, Popular Science (April 2014)
Our Obsession With Quizzes Comes From Fear, Not Narcissism, WIRED (Mar 2014)
Sherlock Isn’t the Fan-Friendly Show You Think It Is, WIRED (Jan 2014)
This Artist Uses Emoji to Explore Empathy, Autism, & How We Connect, WIRED (Dec 2013)
It’s Insecurity, Not Narcissism, That Makes Us Like ‘What Would I Say’, WIRED (Nov 2013)
Want to Understand a Generation? Look at Its Zombie Movies, WIRED (Jun 2013)
Synthetic True Blood is Coming – And So Are Potential Complications, WIRED (Jun 2013)


We Went There: The Teen Culture Stock Market of the VMAs, Grantland (Aug 2014)
Ke$ha, Kesha, and the End of a Pop Era
, Grantland (Mar 2014)
Bow Down: Beyoncé Finally Lets Us In (Pazz & Jop)Village Voice (Jan 2014)
Punk Rock Princesses: A Case for Something CorporateUncool (PDF, Apr 2013)
2013, Goddam: A Birthday Card for Nina Simone, Complex (Feb 2013)


Why Lucy Was a Big Disappointment, WIRED (Jul 2014)
 and the Big Problem with Disney’s Fairy Tale Reboots
, WIRED (June 2014)
NVMPitchfork (25 Feb 2014)
Swearin’, Surfing Strange, Pitchfork (Nov 2013)
CBGB: A CliffsNotes for the Club Where Punk Was Born, WIRED (Oct 2013)
The New Carrie Makes Bullying the Real Horror, WIRED (Oct 2013)
Bent Shapes, Feels Weird, Pitchfork (Aug 2013)
The World’s End: A Touching Alien Movie About Growing Up, WIRED (Aug 2013)
Ke$ha and Pitbull - Golden Nugget Casino, Atlantic City, Village Voice (May 2013)
Danny Brown and Kitty - Irving Plaza, NYC, Village Voice (May 2013)
We Saw This: Iceage,VICE (Jan 2013)
Throwing Fifty Shades of Shade at Soho House, VICE (Sep 2012)


NYLON magazine: Sleigh Bells profile (PDF) (Oct 2013 issue)
NME magazine (UK): Connan Mockasin profile (JPEG) (9 Nov 2013 issue)
FastCo: San Francisco Used Poop Jokes to Save Its Sewers (Jan 2014)
MTV Hive: Mani-Pedis With White Lung’s Mish Way (Jul 2013)
Nashville Scene: Boy Bands Changed, But Only Because We Have (Jun 2013)
Consequence of Sound: Jenny Lewis Dissected (Apr 2013)
Spinner: Why We Love Queen Bey with Reckless Abandon (Feb 2013)
Weekly Dig: "Steal This Shirt: The Shrinkage of American Apparel" (Dec 2010)


VultureT Magazine (New York Times)
The Village Voice
Rolling Stone (also under a pseudonym)
Billboard (magazine/online)
Rookie Magazine
Boston Phoenix

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