• AnonymousWhat is so ironic about us feminists taking action against the rapists in Church Whip? It was necessary and they forced themselves on the community so they had to be dealt with in a serious manner. By using the word rape (even if there was no sexual context, because who cares what the dictionary says?) they were making it acceptable for rapists to come to shows and find new victims. Also, are you siding with the band? If that is the case then FUCK YOU. As a woman, you should know better by now.
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    I debated on whether or not I should answer your question, because anybody who knows me and reads this Tumblr is aware of my politics and aware of all of these answers. However, I’m disturbed enough by the implications in your post to say something. You win this time.

    The irony of the whole situation is multifold.

    1. On the surface level, APOLOGISTS was spelled wrong. That was the initial impetus for the post.

    2. More deeply, the irony lies in the cutting-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face nature of the attack. By destroying Church Whip’s car, the “vandals,” however well-placed their beliefs may be in principle, probably sacrificed any future understanding (or respect, the lack of which is what naming your tour “Raping the East” signifies) from Church Whip and their fans whatsoever in favor of their own karmic satisfaction. It reinforces the stupid tenet that “feminists/women are crazy,” shuts down what little dialogue exists in the hardcore scene and burns down any hope for progress absolutely. There are other, more constructive ways to run a sexist band out of town on a rail.

    3. The final irony is that you seem to have spent absolutely zero time on my blog (or with anything I have ever written about punk ever, for that matter) before shaming me BASED ON MY GENDER ALONE of being an apologist myself. and as a result have totally missed the point of my original post. Way to alienate sympathizers and allies by shaking a finger, though.

    Also, are you saying that you’re one of the people who vandalized the car? If so, that sucks. While I understand the rage that spurred what you did, I don’t support it.

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